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Wilson A1010 High School SST Baseballs

Wilson A1010 High School SST Baseballs

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As an expert in the industry of baseball, I can confidently say that the Wilson® A1010 HS1 SST High School Baseballs are the perfect choice for any high school team looking to dominate on the field. With Super Seam Technology, these balls provide a reliable grip for precise throws and controlled handling, allowing outfielders to hit the cut-off man and infielders to turn two.

Thanks to Dura-Core Technology, the balls can withstand powerful hits and maintain their hardness for consistent play. The red cushioned cork center and gray wool windings ensure a lively bounce off the bat, resulting in farther and stronger hits. Additionally, the high raised seams provided by Super Seam Technology allow pitchers to throw precise strikes and fielders to easily locate the ball in their gloves.

Made with Grade B full-grain leather, these balls offer a traditional feel and can withstand the wear and tear of practices, games, and tournaments. They are also approved by the NOCSAE/NFHS for high school game use


  • Core: Cushioned Cork
  • Cover: Leather
  • Seams: Raised
  • League: NFHS
  • Stamped: NOCSAE/NFHS
  • Wilson A1010 High School SST Baseballs - AC-5A1010BHS1SST - $134.99 (Dozen) - 5761 in stock