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Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball

Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball

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Elevate your game with the Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Official-Size Volleyball, a masterpiece engineered for athletes who refuse to compromise on performance and durability. This volleyball, enhanced with cutting-edge DBC® (Dual Bladder Construction) technology, promises not only improved ball flight and in-air consistency but also a confidence boost for players at every hit. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-impact play, it's the ideal choice for competitors at all levels, especially those in high school leagues looking for NFHS-approved equipment.

  • DBC® Technology: Experience unparalleled ball flight consistency, giving players the confidence to perform at their best.
  • Premium Leather Cover: Designed for durability, it withstands the toughest hits without compromising performance.
  • Extended Hitting Surface: A large die-cut panel ensures precise control over spikes, serves, and bumps, enhancing gameplay.
  • Ergonomic Design: Minimizes stress on finger joints, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting powerful shots.
  • NFHS Approval: Suitable for high school games, meeting the standards of official play with excellence.
  • Material: Leather
  • League: NFHS
  • Use: Indoor
  • Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball - AC-TACSV5WX - $84.99 - 877 in stock