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Spalding Precision TF-1000 Basketball (Official, Intermediate)

Spalding Precision TF-1000 Basketball (Official, Intermediate)

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Main Features:

  • Advanced Material: Crafted with Eco-Grip composite leather for superior durability and performance, suitable for both indoor and competitive play.
  • Enhanced Control: The deep channel design provides players with exceptional grip and control, enhancing dribbling and shooting accuracy.
  • Dual Size Options: Available in official size 7 for men and intermediate size 6 for women and youth, accommodating various player groups.
  • Consistent Performance: The butyl bladder ensures consistent air retention and rebound, offering a dependable playing experience.
  • NFHS Approved: Fully approved for high school competition, making it an excellent choice for school sports programs.

Product Description: Elevate your game with the Spalding Precision TF-1000 Basketball, engineered for precision and durability. Its eco-friendly material and superior design make it a favorite among serious players and coaches at CoachingStaff, ideal for both practice and competitive play.

Detailed Specs and Info:

  • Material: Eco-Grip composite leather for environmental sustainability and enhanced feel.
  • Sizes: Official Size 7 (Men’s), Intermediate Size 6 (Women’s and Youth).
  • Bladder: Butyl for reliable air retention.
  • Usage: Perfect for indoor courts and approved for high school competitions.
  • Color: Traditional orange with black Spalding logo.
  • Weight: Complies with official basketball standards.
  • Recommended for: School competitions, coaching sessions, and advanced training drills.
  • Cover: Composite Leather
  • Use: Indoor
  • Official (29.5") - AC-1457060 - $79.99 - 768 in stock
  • Intermediate (28.5") - AC-1457061 - $79.99 - 673 in stock