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MacGregor X6000 SL Indoor/Outdoor Basketball (Official, Intermediate)

MacGregor X6000 SL Indoor/Outdoor Basketball (Official, Intermediate)

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Main Features:

  • Versatile Design: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, the MacGregor X6000 SL Basketball ensures excellent performance on various court surfaces.
  • Optimal Grip: Features a deeply pebbled surface and high-grade rubber compound for superior grip and control during gameplay.
  • Official and Intermediate Sizes: Available in official size 7 for men and intermediate size 6 for women and youth, catering to a wide range of players.
  • Durability: Constructed with a durable 2-ply butyl bladder, this basketball maintains air retention and structural integrity under regular use.
  • Consistent Bounce: Engineered for a consistent bounce, the ball provides a reliable playing experience, enhancing skill development and enjoyment.

Product Description: The MacGregor X6000 SL Basketball is designed to elevate your game whether you play indoors or out. With its superior construction and dual-surface compatibility, this basketball offers longevity and performance. Available in both official and intermediate sizes, it meets the needs of diverse players, making it a top choice for coaches and players alike at CoachingStaff.

Detailed Specs and Info:

  • Material: High-quality rubber with a pebbled finish for enhanced grip.
  • Sizes: Official Size 7 (Men’s), Intermediate Size 6 (Women’s and Youth).
  • Bladder: 2-ply butyl for better air retention.
  • Usage: Suitable for competitive play in schools, clubs, and recreational leagues.
  • Color: Classic orange with distinctive black markings.
  • Weight: Official regulations compliant.
  • Recommended for: Coaches, sports training, school teams, and recreational play.
  • Material: Rubber
  • Use: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Official (29.5") - AC-1297140 - $30.99 - 1124 in stock
  • Intermediate (28.5") - AC-1297157 - $30.99 - 973 in stock