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MacGregor X6000 Basketball (Official, Intermediate, Junior)

MacGregor X6000 Basketball (Official, Intermediate, Junior)

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Experience the thrill of the game with the MacGregor X6000 Basketball. Built for performance and durability, this basketball is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're practicing your shots or playing a competitive game, the MacGregor X6000 ensures superior control and handling.

  • Top-Quality Construction: Made with premium synthetic leather for durability and excellent grip.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in Official, Intermediate, and Junior sizes to suit all ages and skill levels.
  • Enhanced Performance: Deep channel design for better control and handling during play.
  • All-Weather Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts, ensuring year-round playability.
  • Professional Feel: Designed to meet the standards of professional basketball play, providing a true game-like experience.
  • Material: Premium synthetic leather offers a soft feel with exceptional durability, maintaining its grip even in outdoor conditions.
  • Sizes Available:
    • Official Size: Perfect for adult players and professional play.
    • Intermediate Size: Ideal for younger players transitioning from junior to official size.
    • Junior Size: Best for kids and beginners, providing a manageable size for learning the game.
  • Design: Deep channel design enhances grip and control, allowing for precise dribbling and shooting.
  • Versatility: Engineered for all-weather use, the MacGregor X6000 can withstand the rigors of both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Professional Standards: Meets the regulations for official play, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance every game.

  • Material: Composite
  • Use: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Official (29.5") - AC-MCX6000X - $36.99 - 2865 in stock
  • Intermediate (28.5") - AC-MCX6285X - $36.99 - 2782 in stock
  • Junior (27.5") - AC-MCX6275X - $36.99 - 1969 in stock