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MacGregor #72 Official Dixie® Youth Baseballs

MacGregor #72 Official Dixie® Youth Baseballs

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Elevate your team's performance this season with MacGregor® #72 Official Dixie® Youth Baseballs. These expertly crafted balls feature a cork and rubber center that consistently adds power to every hit, motivating leadoff hitters to reach base and young sluggers to hit home runs. With an alum-tanned cowhide cover, these balls are built to last through the entire season, from preseason training to the championship game. Perfect for local league play, these baseballs are designed to bring out the best in your players.

  • Seams: Raised
  • Cover: Leather
  • Core: Compressed Cork & Rubber
  • League: Dixie Youth
  • MacGregor #72 Official Dixie® Youth Baseballs - AC-MCB72CXX - $68.99 (Dozen) - Out of stock