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Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball (Official, Intermediate, Junior)

Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball (Official, Intermediate, Junior)

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Level up your coaching game with the Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball - the ultimate tool for developing champions on the court. This high-performance ball is engineered to meet the demands of players across all skill levels, from youth leagues to high school varsity.

Main Features

  • Premium composite leather for unbeatable grip and control
  • Available in Official (29.5"), Intermediate (28.5"), and Junior (27.5") sizes
  • Deep channel design for consistent, pro-level ball handling
  • Cushion Core Technology for explosive rebounds
  • NFHS approved - dominate high school competitions with confidence

Detailed Specs and Info Take your team's performance to new heights with the Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball. This powerhouse of a ball is crafted with premium composite leather, delivering a perfect blend of durability and feel. Available in three sizes, it's the ideal choice for coaches working with various age groups and skill levels.

The deep channel design isn't just for show - it's your secret weapon for developing razor-sharp ball handling skills. Watch your players' confidence soar as they master crossovers, behind-the-back passes, and tight dribbling maneuvers.

Cushion Core Technology gives this ball an edge in rebounding. Your players will explode off the floor for those crucial offensive boards and momentum-changing defensive stops. It's not just a ball - it's a competitive advantage.

Built to withstand the toughest practices and most intense game situations, the TF-500 is your reliable partner in the gym and on the court. Its versatile performance shines in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it the go-to choice for coaches who demand excellence in every drill, every play, every game.

NFHS approval means you can confidently use this ball in high school competitions. It meets or exceeds all industry standards for size, weight, and rebound - because when you're coaching winners, every detail matters.

Invest in the Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball from, and give your team the edge they need to outperform, outwork, and outlast the competition. It's time to elevate your coaching and unleash your team's full potential!

  • Use: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Material: Composite Leather
  • Official (29.5") - AC-1457064 - $42.99 - 3087 in stock
  • Intermediate (28.5") - AC-1457065 - $42.99 - 3529 in stock
  • Junior (27.5") - AC-1457066 - $42.99 - 2049 in stock