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Baden Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs

Baden Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs

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Revolutionize your batting practice with Baden's Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs. These innovative 9" white baseballs are designed to enhance your training sessions and improve your players' performance at the plate.

Main Features:

  • Patented design with red inset seams for machine compatibility
  • Authentic ball appearance for realistic pitch recognition
  • Highly visible simulated seams for improved tracking
  • 9" regulation size for consistent practice
  • Durable construction for extended use in pitching machines

Detailed Specs and Info:

Baden's Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs feature a groundbreaking design that combines functionality with authenticity. The patented red inset seams are strategically placed to prevent contact with machine wheels, significantly reducing wear and tear on both the ball and the machine.

These 9" white baseballs maintain the look and feel of regulation baseballs, allowing batters to train their eyes for real game situations. The highly visible simulated seams provide excellent visual cues, helping batters track the ball's movement and spin more effectively.

Crafted for durability, these baseballs withstand the rigors of repeated use in pitching machines without compromising their performance or appearance. This longevity makes them an economical choice for teams and training facilities looking to maximize their practice resources.

By incorporating Baden's Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs into your training regimen, you're providing your players with a superior tool to refine their batting skills. Watch as your team's hitting performance improves, thanks to more realistic and effective batting practice sessions.

  • Seams: Inset
  • Cover: Dimpled
  • Baden Seamed Pitching Machine Baseballs - AC-1237269 - $74.99 (Dozen) - 705 in stock