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Baden 3B NFHS Baseballs

Baden 3B NFHS Baseballs

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Step up to the plate with Baden's 3B NFHS Baseballs, the official choice for Florida high schools and a testament to quality in competitive play. These baseballs meet the rigorous standards set by both NOCSAE and NFHS, ensuring your team is using regulation-approved equipment.

Main Features:

  • Premium leather cover for optimal feel and durability
  • Performance seams for enhanced grip and control
  • Ballistic windings for consistent performance
  • NOCSAE and NFHS approved for official use
  • State-approved for Florida high school play

Detailed Specs and Info:

The Baden 3B NFHS Baseball (3B-NFHS-5190) is crafted to meet the demands of competitive high school play. Its premium leather cover provides the perfect combination of grip and durability, allowing pitchers to execute their throws with precision and fielders to handle the ball with confidence.

Featuring performance seams, these baseballs offer enhanced grip for pitchers, enabling them to throw with greater control and execute a wider range of pitches effectively. The ballistic windings ensure consistent performance throughout the game, maintaining the ball's integrity even during intense play.

As a state-approved baseball for Florida high schools, the Baden 3B NFHS meets the stringent requirements of both NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) and NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). This dual certification guarantees that your team is using equipment that adheres to the highest safety and performance standards in high school athletics.

By choosing Baden's 3B NFHS Baseballs, coaches are equipping their teams with a professional-grade ball that enhances player performance and ensures compliance with official regulations. Give your players the tools they need to compete at the highest level and watch as they rise to the challenge on the diamond.

  • Cover: Leather
  • Seams: Raised
  • Stamped: NOCSAE/NFHS
  • League: NFHS
  • Baden 3B NFHS Baseballs - AC-1362015 - $119.99 (Dozen) - 271 in stock