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1000 Yard Range Megaphone, Handheld or Trigger Microphone

1000 Yard Range Megaphone, Handheld or Trigger Microphone

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Dominate the field with the BSN Sports 1000 Yard Megaphone! Available with either a handheld or trigger microphone, this powerhouse projects your voice up to 1000 yards with crystal-clear clarity. Perfect for coaches who demand to be heard, this megaphone is your ultimate sideline companion.

Main Features:

  • Powerful 25-watt (handheld) or 10-watt (trigger) projection reaches up to 1000 yards
  • Choose between convenient handheld or hands-free trigger microphone options
  • Adjustable volume control for versatile use in various coaching scenarios
  • Durable high-impact PVC construction withstands tough coaching environments
  • Portable and battery-powered for ultimate coaching flexibility

Detailed Specs and Info:

Handheld Microphone Version:
• 25-watt power output for maximum range
• Model: AC-MSMEG61W
• Price: $329.99

Trigger Microphone Version:
• 10-watt power output for efficient communication
• Model: AC-MSMEG51W
• Price: $219.99

Shared Specifications:
• Effective range: Up to 1000 yards
• Power source: C-size batteries (not included)
• Material: High-impact PVC for durability
• Features: Adjustable volume control

Elevate your coaching game with CoachingStaff's 1000 Yard Range Megaphone. Whether you're directing practice drills or making crucial game-time calls, ensure your voice cuts through the noise. This megaphone's rugged construction and powerful projection make it an indispensable tool for coaches at all levels. Don't let your instructions get lost in the heat of the moment – make every word count with this top-tier coaching essential!

  • Handheld - AC-MSMEG61W - $329.99 - 26 in stock
  • Trigger - AC-MSMEG51W - $219.99 - 99 in stock