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Why Dynamic Stretching Improves Pitching

Why Dynamic Stretching Improves Pitching
  • Author Dana Cavalea
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  • Added to CS July 14, 2023

Main Concepts

  • Dynamic Stretching: A game-changing approach to warm-ups and flexibility training.
  • Central Nervous System Activation: The key to unlocking peak performance.
  • Group Muscle Activation: A shift from isolated muscle stretching to activating muscle clusters.
  • Benefits of Dynamic Stretching: Strength development, balance, coordination, stability, and reduced injuries.
  • Practical Application: How Major League professionals are using dynamic stretching to enhance performance.

Competitive Advantage

  • Gain the upper hand with dynamic stretching techniques used by Major League professionals.
  • Reduce injury risk and boost your team's performance, leading to more wins and fewer setbacks.
  • Develop your athletes' strength, balance, and coordination to outperform the competition.


Unlock the secret to superior pitching performance with our PDF article, "Why Dynamic Stretching Improves Pitching". Authored by Dana Cavalea, the strength coach for the N.Y. Yankees, this resource is a treasure trove of insights into the power of dynamic stretching. It's time to revolutionize your coaching approach and lead your team to victory!

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