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Defending the Spread with the 3-3

Defending the Spread with the 3-3

Extremely comprehensive presentation including diagrams, rule assignments, etc. designed to stop spread offenses with the 3-3 defense.

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How to Keep Score in Match Play Golf

How to Keep Score in Match Play Golf

Match play is different from normal scoring in the sense that in match play you are playing against the other players on a per hole basis. Learn match play scoring from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf scoring.

Shot put held against neck with hand and shot covered in chalk.

Masters Throwing

There are two types of master athlete – those who performed successfully as senior athletes and have continued or returned in master age groups, and novice masters who have taken up activities at “advanced age” without previous competitive experience.

Metal Shot Put in Dirt by Boundary Rail

Elite Training Tips For Track Throws

The Power Position is the ideal position to achieve torque by the upper body trailing the lower body. Concept is discussed in discus, shot put, and javelin.

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